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The first steps in life

Taking his first steps

Congratulations on your baby’s first birthday! You must have enjoyed every moment watching him grow. On his first birthday, your toddler is strong enough to stand on his own and has a good understanding of his surroundings. By this time, the baby has experienced 60% of the brain development and is now healthy and active. Your child may have reached his first milestone and can walk a few steps without your support.

Let your toddler become stronger

Unimilk Advance 4 has been specially developed to improve your baby’s energy and to give him stronger bones. If you do not want to breastfeed your baby after one year, start with this formulation as it is completely safe for your child.

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Relationship with Your Baby

Milk is an important part of the baby’s diet as it helps making his bones strong. Regular milk intake also helps your child to grow mentally and physically strong. However cow’s milk is heavy for a child and is not digested properly. If for some reason you are not able to breastfeed your child, using Unimilk formulations can serve the purpose.

All children are unique and take their own sweet time to reach a milestone. Do not compare your child’s development with other children or even with developmental guidelines. If your child was premature, remember that babies who are born early usually take more time to meet their milestones. So keep your camera ready to capture the memorable moments!

Important Message


The World Health Organization or short WHO, recommends breastfeeding during the first 6 months of your child.


Unimilk® fully supports this recommendation from the WHO.


If you do choose, in consultation with your health care professional, to start bottle feeding, Unimilk® offers a good substitute.