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The first steps in life

Give your toddler a balanced diet

Feeding a toddler can be a tough task as by now he may have become a fussy eater. By the age of two, the toddler should be eating a healthy and nutritional meal. Providing proper nutrition to the baby should be your priority. Do you think that your child is not getting proper nutrients and vitamins for a healthy growth? If so, you should do something at the earliest. Apart from healthy food, breast milk and formulations can also be used to provide adequate nutrition for your baby.

Make eating time fun

Unimilk® Advance 5 is a balanced formulation that has been developed after extensive research by the experts. It helps to support your child’s immune system and also promote normal growth of your toddler.

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Give the day a good start

Time flies so fast! It seems like your baby was born yesterday, but now he is ready to celebrate his second birthday. The first few years of the toddler’s life helps him to get used to new tastes. Mashed fruits and vegetables should be included in the meal to make the child healthier and to promote his growth. Let the child get accustomed to different tastes and textures at a younger age because during this time the toddler develops his eating habits. Feed your child with healthy food and watch him grow!

Important Message


The World Health Organization or short WHO, recommends breastfeeding during the first 6 months of your child.


Unimilk® fully supports this recommendation from the WHO.


If you do choose, in consultation with your health care professional, to start bottle feeding, Unimilk® offers a good substitute.